Wunda-fully Heroic

Wunda-Fully Heroic

Moving towards plant-based living should be a no brainer, right?

But it's hard to find milk alternatives that don’t bring some sort of compromise.

That’s where plant-powered superhero Wunda saves the day. We summed it up in three words. Epic In Everything. Because unlike its contenders, Wunda behaves just like regular milk.

Our mission from Nestlé was to create a disruptive brand from scratch.

We came up with the idea of a superhero to capture Wunda’s extraordinary abilities – wrapping up the product's functional benefits in an emotive narrative that is both simple and engaging.

From developing the strategy, name and identity, we crafted a dynamic brand world inspired by our childhood heroes. The caped milk bottle symbol stands heroically at the heart of the brand, coding the idea that it’s just like regular milk. A block typeface and playful comic strip illustration style drew out the brand’s superpowers, whilst the distinctive blue colour palette allows Wunda to go head-to-head in a rapidly evolving category, hitting the plant-based market with a POW.

“BrandOpus have done an outstanding job. From creating the brand name and brand identity, to keeping us on track and helping us to make the right decisions, they have been Wunda-ful.”

Darren Grivvell, Marketing Director