All In

All In

For the amateur sports enthusiast, it’s not all about winning.

But it’s not just about ‘taking part’ either. To triumph the brand’s big plans of moving from a middling to a leading global tri-sport retailer, it was time for Wiggle to get serious. Moving away from its existing overly playful identity to better connect with consumers.

It’s the exhilaration of crossing the finish line and completing a challenge which really drives the Wiggle consumer on.

So, we introduced a new symbol to the identity that quickly and non-cognitively codes just that. It evokes the joyous moment of personal sporting achievement. An instinctive act within us all, raising our arms above our heads in celebration.

Whether it’s completing your first park run or a marathon, we captured this universal moment of victory through a representation of the letter ‘W’, forming the head and two arms of someone aspiringly crossing the line. It’s a malleable icon that can flex across the brand’s entire ecosystem – from their online store, right through to their apparel and equipment on track.

We upgraded the existing typeface to feel more clean, modern and refined. Retaining the upbeat orange that Wiggle is known for, we welcomed a slate grey to the colour palette to tap into cues of performance and function.

Not only did the overhaul carve out a space for Wiggle in the cluttered sports category, but it also gave the brand the scope to move beyond tri-sports in the future.