Hatch Is Our Creative Incubator

Hatch Is Our Creative Incubator

It’s where we nurture up-and-coming talent looking to cut their teeth in the creative industry. So if you’ve got a way with words, pictures or people, or a knack for time management and planning… Hatch is the place for you.

Show us what you’re made of.

We want to see the real you beyond the copy-pasted, chatGPT, Googled answers to applications. We want to know what makes you tick and hear what gets you excited about working in the creative industry.

Our Departments

The Creative team is made up of people who are passionate about building brands that change the way consumers feel about them.

Our design team is made up of designers at various levels from Junior through to Middleweight and Senior. They are responsible for bringing ideas to life for identities, packaging, activations and more. They make brands magnetic. Leading the team are our Design Directors and Creative Directors. They help to shape and manage each project while inspiring and nurturing the team.

Motion Designers bring graphics to life with visual effects. Responsible for creating 2D and 3D animation, editing, directing and producing engaging content.

Thinking and making in 3D, structural designers create physical manifestation for the brand that enhance consumers’ engagement and experiences.

Realisation are responsible for making things real-world ready. They’re the final cog in the creative machine.

Creative Finishers make sure designs are technically set up in the right mode and at the right size before they’re sent out to be produced as the final thing.

Image Creators create, manipulate and enhance all types of high-end imagery. They bring brands to life through retouching, visualising, photography, illustration and animation.

Production Managers manage the creative production process. They find out how ideas are made in the real world and ensure the creative intention is achieved.

The creative operations team facilitate the smooth and effective running of our global agency. This includes ensuring workflow plans are on track and making new plans when things go off track!


Strategists lay the foundations for electrifying creativity; distilling complex business challenges; identifying uncommon cultural, category, and consumer insights; and structuring compelling narratives that’ll change the way people feel about brands. Put simply, Strategists define how we approach each opportunity, and they also write the creative briefs.

Client Services

Client Services are the go-to for clients and our internal team. They’re smart, friendly effective communicators who are highly organised and keep the wheels turning on every project. They lead the client business forging deep relationships with clients and work closely with every department to make things happen.

The Business Support team helps the agency run smoothly and achieve success.

Human Resources look after our people. They make sure they’re happy and succeeding in their role, and solve any people problems that might occur.

Finance looks after the money. They plan for the financial future of the business, make sure clients pay on time, the rent for the office is paid and everyone’s wages make it safely into their bank accounts on time too.

Operations and IT make sure the entire business runs as it should, everything works, and people feel safe, connected and like they can do their job well.

Front of House ensures guests are welcomed and looked after when they visit us.

Marketing and PR are our window dressers. They make us look good, get our work out there (online and offline), get our team on stage and enter us into awards.

New Business seek out opportunities for us to get involved in. They typically present our agency credentials, capabilities, highlights, and relevant case studies in conversation with potential clients.

Our Hatch newcomer awards scheme works in partnership with Molson Coors Beverage Company to produce an annual brief. It offers real-world experience with a real-world client and an opportunity to create a real-world product.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

  1. Win £2000
  2. Win a four-week, paid internship with us
  3. Win the chance to see your idea come to life

Design Brief 2024

Cider can often feel predictable and traditional. It’s time to break the conventions and appeal to new people and occasions. Make Cider the drink you must be seen with.

Deadline: Midnight, 1st March 2024

Our newcomer awards scheme, Hatch, is open to anyone graduating in the next few months or has less than a year of relevant industry experience in a full-time role or from multiple internships or placements.

If you’re based in the UK, over 18 years of age and want to establish a career in the creative industries, Hatch can help.

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