Naturally Wild

Naturally Wild

Bold, refreshing and unique, Vyne is a botanically infused sparkling water.

Working closely with the Molson Coors team, we created a new brand from scratch that disrupted the Canadian sparkling water category.

Botanicals, herbs and hops contain wondrous qualities that extend far beyond their alcoholic potential. So, we created a brand bursting with mystery and intrigue.

At the core of the visual identity is the Green Man, a mythic figure that connects our world to nature.

Through a visual language of untamed foliage, the brand extends, entwines and bursts through urban environments. Creating a mystical sense of new growth and wilderness wherever the product appears.

Vyne’s botanic flavours are presented through vibrant pops of colour, whilst bold, textured typography conveys the natural confidence of the brand.

The enchanting name, paired with a curious tone of voice, further communicates our brand idea and connects seamlessly with the design to create a wonderfully unique brand.

“BrandOpus crafted a design that not only popped off shelf, but pushed the category into new places. It was a fun, collaborative, and immersive experience – one that we’ve come to expect when teaming up with BrandOpus.”

James Hall - Senior Commercialisation Manager
Beyond Beer