Taking Flight

Taking Flight

Renowned for its irresistibly buttery taste and humorous historical adverts, Utterly Butterly quickly became a favourite in UK households in the late ‘90s.

More recently, Utterly Butterly were competing in a sharp-elbowed arena dominated by own label and consumers were no longer connecting with the brand emotionally. Our mission was to draw out the brand’s memorable quirks and deliciously unserious personality to reinvigorate the family favourite.

Leaning into Utterly Butterly’s irreverently playful nature and aerobatic heritage, we introduced a distinctive symbol to the identity - a daredevil aerial acrobat flexing on a plane.

With a rich history of sponsoring the AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers, the new identity unites the spread classic with joyful entertainment and family spectacles – tapping into associations of fun, escapism and light heartedness.

To take flight through the crowded category, we paired Utterly Butterly’s bold and bubbly word mark with an expressive flight path graphic, linking it up to create the banner of the plane. Its soft and inviting colour palette has been preserved and lightened to feel more in line with the modernised identity, whilst a splash of white has been added to denote freshness.

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