The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled

There is a reason Aspall Cyder is spelt with a Y. It’s different.

With a rich family history spanning over 290 years, its long-held technique of cyder making bucks the trend of modern methods. But with the mounting rivalry of new entrants, Aspall needed to give its brand the same amount of TLC as its cyder.

On a mission to elevate Aspall to feel more premium and distinctive, we set out by taking the road less travelled.

A vow (and brand idea) to take the long route to achieve remarkable, unwavering excellence and stand-out to a discerning audience that wanted to choose quality over quantity, every time.

We celebrated Aspall’s eccentric characteristics and commitment to craft.

Cider is typically made in the West Country, so we paid homage to the brand’s eastern home in Suffolk; from the rising sun to the easterly ribbon, right through to the unconventional knight who downs his tools in favour of thoughtful writing. A tribute to the founder’s historic journals.

Giving a big nod to craft, the new design encompasses a hand drawn wordmark and script - inspired by old family stories – that beautifully wrap the neck of the bespoke shaped bottle.

Cues to heritage and craft were offset by hits of primary colours, to give a modern twist on the cyder classic.

“Redesigning a brand with almost 300 years’ worth of story to tell was frightening, and there was no other agency than BrandOpus who I would have trusted to work with on this project.”

Clare Wright, Brand Experience Director
Molson Coors Beverage Company