A Mans Mark

A Man’s Mark

The attitudes towards male grooming have significantly evolved in recent years.

So, when the founder of SCRUB’D was unable to find a premium, all-natural bar of soap for men, he decided to create his own. Our task was to craft a brand from the ground up. Capturing all the product’s wonderful qualities and benefits in a way that felt masculine and luxurious. To become an integral part of a discerning lifestyle.

Our mission for the brand was simple. To make men feel great in their skin and ready to make their mark in the world, by adding a little luxury into their everyday routines.

We crafted a bold, yet modern identity that mimics a stonemason’s signature – a symbol of the creator’s finest work. Marking the letters MH – a tribute to the founder, it evokes a sense of pride as it imprints a legacy.

Paired with a handcrafted type face, the wordmark has been designed to feel as if it’s been chiseled out of stone.

An earthy and natural color palette reflects the energizing and organic ingredients, while a bespoke soap box structure has been crafted to feel both masculine and premium.

A mixture of beveled embossing, texture and exceptional finishes elevates the brand to feel exclusive and small batch.