The Magic Of Sara Lee

The Magic Of Sara Lee

Sara Lee has been a national icon for over half a century.

Renowned for bringing a spoonful of joy and comfort to every culinary occasion. But despite its rich history, the category shifted to target “cool millennials”, and Sara Lee started showing up as traditional and old-fashioned.

We needed to crack the code of bringing modernity, whilst staying true to the brand’s roots. Opening up new audiences, without alienating existing loyalists.

Bringing to life the sensorial delight that comes with every mouthful of Sara Lee ice cream, we championed the perfect scoop at the heart of the identity. Embellishing the new design with smears, swirls and dollops of mouth-watering flavour and textures.

We introduced a more contemporary typeface and rich colour palette – a modern take on the brand’s history of culinary expertise. Retaining Sara Lee’s iconic bold red as the lid, brought the familiarity the brand is known for, whilst also acting as a distinctive beacon on shelf.