Reinventing History

Reinventing History

Australia had been spreading the love of IXL’s fruitful jam since founder Sir Henry set up the company in 1891.

But the story of Sir Henry had been lost over the years and the brand had stopped resonating with the modern-day consumer. Our task was to reinvent it, without losing what had made the jam giant so special. Elevating its meaning above generic product feature and benefit stories.

To look forward we looked backwards. Discovering a treasure trove of rich brand heritage. Taking inspiration from old stories, values, and assets, we created a more meaningful narrative that was centred around Sir Henry’s philosophy of “I excel at everything I do”.

We crafted a bold identity anchored in the notion of success and pride. The brandmark draws on symbolism of a heraldic banner – both in the identity itself and the background of the label.

The IXL styling is inspired by the confident execution of a vintage label, whilst simple and single colour linework gives the brand a contemporary edge. Overlayed on a bright patterned background inspired by a knight’s banner, we introduced hits of vibrant colour to inject energy and flavour back into the brand.