Relishing A Life Of Plenty

Relishing A Life Of Plenty

Until now, the frozen ready-meal aisle has been dominated by expected, functional brands that represent old school definitions of health and wellness.

Think small portion sizes and calorie counting. Tasked with creating a new brand that could broaden the appeal of the freezer and redefine the better-for-you space, we sought to switch up the narrative. Elevating the brand (and aisle) above and beyond just product.

Abundance frozen meals are bursting with more flavour, more fill, and more goodness. We laddered up to a higher order meaning of enjoying a life of plenty and promoting colourful, bountiful living. Tapping into this fulfilling, gratifying state of being, in which food and life’s other necessities - physical, mental, and social - are available in abundance.

The end result? Delightful. In-built symbolism within the identity brings joy and pleasure back to the freezer aisle. Whilst a lively and upbeat colour palette connotes the brand’s bold and energetic personality. Paired with a vibrant photography style to draw out taste and freshness, the new work delivers on disruption. Setting a new standard for the frozen-ready meals category.