Living Life Boldly

Living Life Boldly

Founded by three farmers who wanted to make great-tasting, quality crisps from local ingredients, Pipers have been tantalising our tastebuds for almost two decades.

But when the brand had exhausted growth from independents, they set their sights on bigger distribution. Retailers. To get their foot in the door, Pipers needed to revaluate how they were showing up in the world. With a new look and feel that elevated and united the brand beyond just its crisps.

We kicked things off by shifting the focus from provenance and product to a more emotive narrative of pure enjoyment.

We call it ‘living life boldly’, and it’s baked into the brand.

Previously playing the role of a distant, slightly enigmatic figure in the potato fields, we gave the Piper a new purpose by heroing him at the heart of the identity. Re-imagined as a larger-than-life character, we paired the amplified icon with a new wordmark that dropped the “crisps”. Setting the brand up to credibly expand into the broader snacking aisle, beyond just their core offer.

A vibrant and energetic colour palette and confident typography style was introduced to echo the brand’s bold flavours, personality and uncompromising approach to quality.