Oscar Mayer

Never Square

Oscar Mayer has always held a special place in America’s heart. From its infamous bologna and wiener jingles to its 27-foot long wienermobile, the icon has a rich history of sparking smiles and uniting millions around a love of meat. But as time went on, Oscar Mayer’s growing cross-category portfolio and continued innovation led to a disjointed look and feel across the brand. For its first overhaul in 138 years, our task was to bring more meaning and relevance at a masterbrand level, uniting all of its products – from bacon and hot dogs to deli meat – under one solid narrative that is loudly and proudly Oscar Mayer. Oscar Mayer has always believed in taking its meat seriously, but not itself. We created a distinctive narrative, which, just like our logo, is never square. Celebrating the iconic rhomboid logo with a bold and straightforward design exemplifies the brand’s uncomplicated approach to meats with a similarly uncomplicated aesthetic. We elevated the wienermobile to be a core brand asset through a playful illustration style that extended into the brand world. Driving the iconic yellow, our superpower, to inject happiness into the brand. Alongside a bespoke light-hearted typeface and vividly expressive photography style, the never square brand renovation aims to spark smiles and resonate with Oscar Mayer lovers today and tomorrow. More coming soon 👀

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