Empowering Brighter Futures

Empowering Brighter Futures

Powered by UNHCR, MADE51 was born from the dream of bringing beautiful refugee-made products to a global market.

Their motivation was simple. To pave a way for refugee artisans to earn an income, rebuild their livelihoods and re-establish their independence.

The challenge was to craft a brand from scratch that would switch up the traditional narrative around refugees and charity.

Setting out to move beyond media depictions and feelings of handouts and hopelessness, our goal was to make people feel good about what MADE51 stood for.

Rooted in MADE51's mission to spread positivity and aspiration, we created a confident identity that captured the life-affirming power of the human spirit. A beacon (and salute) for the strength and determination of refugees.

We introduced the connecting loom at the heart of the visual expression. Celebrating artisanal skills and evoking a sense of unity, global community and strength through lines that interweave together.

A bright and upbeat colour palette was chosen to depict the vibrant tones of eclectic handmade pieces, whilst echoing beams of hope and optimism. We paired the design with a simple and sophisticated, yet approachable typography style.

“BrandOpus’ strategic vision on communications and their incredible branding work has been instrumental to MADE51. Our brand wouldn’t be where it is today without BrandOpus.”

Heidi Christ, MADE51 Lead