Decadent. Delicious. Deluxe.

Decadent. Delicious. Deluxe.

For over 50 years, Sara Lee have brought warmth to the hearts of families in Australia and New Zealand by producing delicious cheesecakes, crumbles and pies from quality and authentic ingredients.

As the second part of a portfolio-wide overhaul, we worked with them to bring three premium ranges together under a single look and feel, elevated the products above the core and better-for-you offerings and strengthened the masterbrand.

We removed ‘Café’, ‘Luxurious’ and ‘Deep Dish’ as sub-brand names and replaced them with just one: Deluxe.

The new pack was designed to celebrate the joyous occasions in which the products would be consumed, communicate the irresistible taste of Sara Lee and represent the love and care the brand promises. It needed to elicit emotion, and appeal equally to existing loyalists and new consumers.

A rich colour palette containing metallic gold and slate grey hues was also carefully selected to reflect the feeling of a refined product and an intimate and elegant occasion.

Together, texture, movement, taste, emotion, craft and occasion combine to produce a pack design that brings elevated generosity to Sara Lee, something Australians and New Zealanders can enjoy, today and in the future.