Just Around The Corner

Just around the corner

As one of the original microbreweries in Canada, Granville Island Brewing understands what it means to be from British Columbia (B.C.) and they want everyone to experience it.

Granville Island sits at the heart of the city of Vancouver, a city that enables everyone to do more of what they love because everything is just around the corner. We partnered with Six Pints Collective (owned by Molson Coors Brewing Company) to explore how locals live and breathe this way of life, defining themselves not by what they do for work, but by what their passions are. They are do-ers, choose-lifers and seekers of the next experience. We worked with Granville Island Brewing to reflect this attitude, harnessing this spirit at the heart of the new brand.

The diamond, an existing asset, has been reimagined to bring a fresh perspective on what makes the place and the beers so unique and compelling. Acting as a window into the life of a local, with the brewery depicted on one side, and all the wonderful activities ‘just around the corner’, on the other side of the identity.

Working with illustrator Antony Miller, we created a graphic illustrative style that brings impact and intrigue to the identity, with the perspective drawing you in to engage with the different depictions and scenarios. A new vibrant colour palette was introduced to improve impact and navigation for consumers, helping them to find the brews they love.

The wordmark has been evolved with more visual quirks. Hugging the diamond shape, taking inspiration from the corners of the brewery building and helping to frame the diamond symbol. Unique typography is utilized for each beer name, inspired by the location and style of the brew.

“BrandOpus were a true partner in the journey to find what made us, us, and bring that to life across the full brand world. Now, I’m proud to say we have such vibrancy and character both on and off pack and can’t wait to see this fully roll out in the coming months.”

Iain Beauchamp, Marketing Director.
Six Pints Collective