Delivering Straight-Up Satisfaction

Delivering Straight-Up Satisfaction

Rustlers have become synonymous with flame-grilled super-fast food.

They pioneered what is now known as the micro-snacking category and have since claimed the title of No. 1 micro-snacking brand in the UK.

Not satisfied with this, the brand’s ambition was to continue growing by entering new spaces and attracting new users. To do so, they needed to move beyond traditional and generic associations of flame grilling and speed.

Being able to deliver a quality flame-grilled burger in two minutes is some life hack, even more so in today's hyper-accelerated world.

We wanted Rustlers to reframe convenience – from a last resort to no-compromise enjoyment – and be proud to deliver straight-up satisfaction in seconds. The new positioning for Rustlers celebrates its role as the ‘Anytime Hero’ – with a self-assured, no-nonsense and street-smart attitude.

Underpinned by a fist-bump icon, the more distinctive visual identity celebrates the satisfaction and ‘nailed it’ moment that Rustlers is all about.

By shifting away from black as the only brand colour and introducing a bold colour palette & ranging strategy, we’ve boosted impact at shelf, increased differentiation and opened up opportunity for Rustlers to position new and exciting innovations within the range.