Reimagining A National Treasure

Reimagining A National Treasure

Molson Canadian has been a national favourite for over 235 years.

But despite having a history as rich as the taste of its beer, Molson Canadian was in decline. Centering itself around generic codes of Canadian-ness, it was struggling to unite all its exceptional beers under one strong narrative.

We set out to bring more meaning and relevance at a masterbrand level, switching the dial to be more attitudinal, to drive a sense of community and pride.

Working with such an iconic brand meant there was a wealth of heritage to tap into. To look forward, we looked backwards first. Digging deep into the archives to inspire the future of the brand and bring new meaning, for a new generation of consumers.

To hero a masterbrand approach we created a proud and cohesive visual identity system, bringing new symbolism into the lock up. The modern and simple hexagon symbolises strength in nature and is a nod to the clock at the top of the famous Molson Montréal brewery, connecting past with present. We introduced a handwritten script to the wordmark, evocative of the personal touch from founder John Molson.

Each beer within the portfolio has retained iconography from its heritage, which has been carefully redrawn to work sympathetically with the new design. A brand world of bold and contemporary illustrations across in-store and on-premise POS, echoes the graphic aesthetic of the packaging and brings a further touch of modernity to the brand.