Mini Pizzas, Max Fun

Mini Pizzas, Max Fun

McCain Lil Pizzas are as delicious and fun-filled as they are convenient

On a mission to broaden their appeal to a wider audience, McCain needed to move beyond speaking to just product features and benefits to appeal more emotionally.

We were tasked with giving McCain Lil Pizzas a clear reason for being different to their Pizza Slices sister product. Setting out to bring joy and fun to snack and mealtimes, we injected life back into the design.

The hero ingredients were reimagined in a more playful and illustrative way as they dance around the pack, whilst hits of bright and energetic colours echo the brand’s bold personality.

We introduced a vibrant product photography style to draw out the delicious flavours and create standout on shelf.

Creating a new brand & pack look and feel, to make meal-times more magical.