Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

There’s a reason Cathedral City has been crowned the nation’s favourite.

For over 50 years, they’ve honed their craft and expertise, teaming up with local farmers, producers, and communities to source quality ingredients and deliver delicious tasting cheddar, every time.

Despite being the market leader (they currently hold an impressive 44.4% market penetration), the brand had big ambitions. They knew that with everything going on in the world, it was more important than ever to connect with consumers. Cathedral City turned to us, their long-standing partner for over 8 years, to build a deeper connection and tighten their leading position.

Our mission was to create a more emotive and meaningful brand experience.

Rooted in the idea of doing things ‘with heart and soul’, the re-energised identity is centred around Cathedral City’s dedication to craft and becoming a part of everyday life, for everyone. The cathedral is now front and centre, living at the heart of the vibrant city, whilst rich colours and textures give a crafted and handmade feel.

Drawing inspiration from the artistry of sign painting, a choiceful blend of styles bring character and charm to the brand’s typography. A deep burgundy plays the role of the hero colour, whilst hues of creams and golds inject warmth. A block screen-printed illustration style brings the identity and wider brand world to life. Each charismatic character connotes a warm-hearted and generous spirit, whilst banners pull out key messaging with a celebratory feel.

We added carefully crafted stamp-like ‘makers’ marks’ to further bring through quality cues. Not only do they depict the rich story behind Cathedral City, they show the time, care and attention that goes into every block of cheese. In addition, a bespoke and ownable sonic identity heroes the layers of diegetic sound that emanate from a community bursting with life. A pizzicato movement, combined with natural human elements and the iconic Cathedral bell, perfectly instils a sense of positivity and togetherness.