Awaken Your Senses

Awaken Your Senses

Gëvalia isn’t like every other coffee brand.

Its traditional Swedish method of slow roasting and snap cooling unlocks a full-bodied flavor and aroma that creates a feast for the senses.

To elevate the brand from mainstream to something a little more sensorial, we wanted the identity to capture the essence of gëvalia’s 150-year-old story with a more authentic and attitudinal expression.

The idea of ‘Awaken Your Senses’ became our central and guiding narrative for the brand refresh.

We started off by reimagining the crown logo to be more fluid and expressive. Accompanying it on pack and within the wider brand world are the new aroma swirls to reflect gëvalia’s aromatic experience in a modern way. Beautifully changing color across the range, the graphic helps to create a rich sensorial ambiance, while aiding easy navigation on shelf.

Embracing its vibrant yellow canvas, we celebrated the brand’s Swedish heritage by playing into contemporary Scandinavian aesthetics. Redesigning the new wordmark in a lower case with a much bolder weight aided in the pronunciation of a soft ‘g’.

Giving a further nod to gëvalia’s rich history, we proudly highlighted Gavle, the town in Sweden where the brand was founded.