Making Every Day Less Everyday

Making Every Day Less Everyday

Cracker Barrel’s award-winning cheese is deliciously rich and uniquely bold. It offers a pleasureful experience that should be shared and savored.

But the brand’s quality and expertise weren’t being reflected in their brand or packaging. With an ambitious NPD pipeline, Kraft Heinz needed to define a more meaningful narrative that would allow the brand to extend and grow. Driving emotional resonance through a more premium offering.

A moment with cheese is one of life’s simple pleasures, so we set out to remind people of the pleasure of indulging in cheese. Making every day less everyday.

We flipped Cracker Barrel's existing color palette to create a premium black backdrop. Allowing the yellow logo to pop, while retaining memory structures. A hand-crafted wordmark connects to the skill and craft of the cheesemakers. A new CB seal becomes a stamp of quality and the interlocking C & B hint at the connection moment when cheese is shared and enjoyed.

Combined with the seal, the new ribbon brand assets are a critical tool for navigating the extensive portfolio. Acting as a visual metaphor for the contents, being something so precious that it has been carefully wrapped. Activated off-pack in key visuals, point of sale and online, the ribbons become distinctive equities for the brand that come to life in fluid luxury, to build a further sense of depth and sophistication.