The Point

Get to The Point of brand meaning. Why is it so important in today’s world of fragmented media and minds?

This is the era of information overload.

So how can brands have genuine impact?

Know what they stand for

A brand needs to make active choices about its meaning and the key role it can play in people’s lives; is it making life easier? Is it bringing joy? Or is it offering a luxury experience? By understanding what makes its audience tick, a brand can ensure it is directly relevant to them.

It’s not enough to ‘Talk the Walk’

Knowing what a brand stands for is just the start. A brand needs to action its meaning out in the world - this covers everything from design, to innovation, to partnerships.

Every action should be intuitively traced back to the brand meaning. Brands must speak to their audience on an emotional level, because how we feel affects how we think.

Make it immediate

The attention span of consumers is waning, and even the three second span is being squeezed. Brands need to build a brand world that makes it easy for the mind to automatically decode and understand.

What’s The Point?

In a world where media landscapes are more fragmented than ever and consumers’ attention has become the most precious resource in marketing, brands need to move with meaning and connectivity.

It’s not enough to put a brand’s logo everywhere. It’s about that brand having a suite of distinctive assets imbued with intentional associations that automatically generate meaning, shortcutting what it stands for.

What we’ve done

We brought new meaning to Molson by igniting a sense of community through a brand world that reflects the idea that Canada is a mosaic not a melting pot.

With an iconic and culturally meaningful identity, and a unique, expansive suite of assets, Molson has become instantly recognizable and indesputibly Canadian, delivering real value.