Get to The Point of NoLo and how it no longer means FOMO for today’s sober-curious drinker.

Sober Curious (adj.)

  1. Those actively seeking or considering the benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

“The sober curious are questioning the role alcohol plays in their lives, and in doing so, are looking for a more positive, mindful relationship with drinking.”

NoLo’s a Big Deal

No surprise there. How big? Here are some key stats:

Where’s NoLo Going?

As the market matures, the category narrative shifts. As more people dip in and out of the alcohol-free lifestyle, there’s less emphasis on what these products don’t bring to the table, and more focus on all the great stuff they do.

Rituals still matter

Clink. Swirl. Sip. Drinking rituals are an emotive and powerful ingredient in drinking culture. NoLo brands should take note - and consider how they can build consistent behaviours and rituals into their world for an elevated, more rewarding consumer experience.

The rise of the sober-bar

Drinking is inherently social. It’s only natural that the so called sober-bar’ is on the rise – all the fun of a night out, without the hangover.

Ingredients, authenticity, story

From single malt whiskies to gins infused with extravagantly sourced botanicals, authenticity and provenance have always been at the heart of drinks brands. Engaging the sober curious can (and should) be just as celebratory.

What’s The Point?

Just because people choose to drink less, doesn’t mean they want to experience less. NoLo brands need to make sure they ramp up the joy, fun, sociability and authenticity that drinks brands are known for. Less really can be more.

What We’ve Done

When Molson Coors approached us to help create their first ever line of ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails, that's exactly what we did.

Roxie is bold and fierce – empowering drinkers to embrace any drinking occasion with ‘Zero Fox Given’ about choosing a zero-proof option. This sentiment is embodied by the brand symbol - a fox - capturing the independent and enigmatic personality of drinkers ready to forge their own path.

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