Jell-O rebrands for first time in 10 years.

Jell-O rebrands to attract younger parents and kids.

Jell-O is getting a new look with updated packaging and logos as the brand tries to target parents and kids with a simpler, more colorful aesthetic.

The new look from BrandOpus will be rolled out across the entire Jell-O portfolio, including pudding, gelatin, cups and boxes and will be found in stores starting this month. BrandOpus also worked on Oscar Mayer’s updated look in 2021.

“With the Jell-O renovation, we’re bringing back the jiggly fun and harnessing the wonder that the brand brings to adults and kids alike,” Rebecca Williams, creative director at BrandOpus, said in a statement. “Working with the team at Kraft Heinz, we’ve loved taking on the task of reimagining and reinvigorating the brand for the next generation of parents.”

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