Burberry's knight is heading for success

Why refreshing Burberry's brand identity was a bold, progressive move.

Burberry is no stranger to controversy, but has proved to be a brave brand, not afraid of reinvention.
Its new creative direction is retrospective and steeped in Britishness, so some might question whether tapping into its brand’s tradition and historic values is the way forward. But this could strengthen Burberry’s position in the luxury sector.

In a time when most of the premium brands have fallen into the trap of the minimalist sans-serif logo trend, Burberry is paving its way forward by elevating the heritage and brand meaning that so many consumers are associating with the historical equestrian "prorsum" logo.

What can brands learn from Burberry?

Reviving your brand heritage by adding meaning to iconic symbols enables you to create a fundamental and subconscious role for the brand in people’s lives – beyond just describing you and your product.

This coherence and consistency is imperative, because although the branding exists in the world, the brand itself will always exist in the minds of the consumers.

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