Encapsulating Earthy Artistry

Encapsulating Earthy Artistry

The Ponzi story is one of real people, big dreams, and an unwavering commitment to making them happen.

Founders Nancy and Dick Ponzi were wine lovers, before winemakers. But when that love revealed the ethereal elegance and elusive personality of Pinot Noir from Burgundy, they decided to make it their life’s work to celebrate its purest, most unadulterated expression. That epiphany, back in 1968 – a time when Pinot Noir was scarcely available in North America – was the founding act of Ponzi Vineyards. The brand become a driving force behind the growth of Oregon wine recognition.

Acquired by Groupe Bollinger in 2020, we were challenged with cementing Ponzi Vineyards as a leading pioneer of Oregonian wine.

The new identity and visual system is centered around four expressive, earth-toned brushstrokes which root the brand in the Oregon landscape, whilst embracing earthy artistry. Key elements represented include the blue sky, fir forests, rolling mist, and the unique Laurelwood AVA.

Beauty in simplicity, the ethos of Ponzi Vineyards, is revealed in these simple yet elegant colors. The layered brushstrokes also hint to the winery’s gravity flow process and the philosophy of working in tandem with nature. The hand-written wordmark is inspired by original founder, Dick Ponzi’s own signature, setting a more personal tone and connects to the people behind every bottle.

“We sought to convey an energy and a joie-de-vivre that is at the core of Ponzi Vineyards. This new visual identity is a celebration of earthy artistry, simple elegance of our terroir and the greater Oregon elements that make this work possible. BrandOpus are true partners in the pursuit of meaningful identity. Working closely we found the balance to create an identity which ready’s Ponzi Vineyards for the future to come”

Jean-Baptiste Rivail, CEO.
Ponzi Vineyards