Miller Genuine Draft

More real

Famous for its unique, cold-filtered process, MGD established itself as one of the biggest US beer brands in the ’90s. But having lost sight of what it stood for in the two decades since, we needed to recapture the brand’s spirit and relevance through a new identity that was more impactful, with a more compelling aesthetic and narrative. MGD is genuine. It’s about the real moments that provide depth and discovery. We set out to capture the brand's spirit of realness with a new identity that embraces a more authentic nothing-to-hide brand aesthetic that celebrates the people that forge their own path. Still gold, black and red the brand has been stripped back to a rawer version of itself. Always present, but never celebrated, the Eagle symbol has been re-imagined as a reflection of American pride and integrity. Its more characterful and confident depiction dominates the packaging and overlapping with the distinctive red circle creates a powerful icon. The brand world is bold, straightforward with an unedited tone of voice and a more contemporary and honest typography.

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