Bubbles With Benefits

Bubbles With Benefits

Huzzah is a pumped-up, full-flavored seltzer with added health benefits.

Its effervescent combination of tangy fruit flavors and good gut-health probiotics makes this a liquid that tastes good and does you good.

We set out to create a new-to-the-world brand that would flip the wellness category on its head. Matching the product’s feel-good energy, without leaning too heavily on its health benefits.

We created a celebratory brand that is just as satisfying as it sounds. Bold, upbeat, and poised, Huzzah’s name and graphic style reflects its zero-health-compromise enjoyment. We wanted to pay tribute to its West Coast home – a place that oozes good vibes. While at the same time bring a sense of energy and action that you get when things in life are just going right.

With a less talk, more action ethos, the emphatic exclamation point sits at the heart of the identity. An unmissable expression of the brand’s self-assured attitude. Its brushstroke application evokes a free-flowing feeling and can-do spirit – capturing the hearts of those with a positive zest for life.

Light-hearted and refreshingly simple, we introduced a crisp white canvas to tap into the cool and clean So-Cal lifestyle. Pairing it with hits of vivid neon color to inject energy and flavor into consumers lives, Huzzah is a gut feel you can rely on.