What is brand meaning?

BrandOpus CEO Nir Wegrzyn discusses the value of building brand meaning in ADMAP.

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McCain before and after comparison

BrandOpus CEO Nir Wegrzyn discusses the value of building brand meaning in the March issue of ADMAP. The except below is taken from the full article, available by subscription now.

We have around us many well performing and less well performing brands. But in the processes that we perform to manage brands we have created a kind of a prison that we have made for ourselves: by fixing our 'ways of knowing' on a single structure of thinking, which is over focused on linear consumer reactions. This in turn affects our planning and researching and creates patterns that do not help creativity, and hamper brand performance.

Consequently the world is full of brands with glimmering outsides with no meaningful insides to them: brands as mere things. It is not only what we perceive but also what we fail to perceive that determines the quality of the brands we encounter, and what we have collectively chosen not to perceive is the full reality of brands; the 'inside' and meaning of these brands. As we rely on social media, promotions and variety of literal messaging to force engagement at any level, time and time again we fail to create meaningful lasting relationships.

Boiling it down to the bones: meaning is an exterior expressing an interior in an indivisible unity. This unity is not consciously constructed and as brands are manmade concepts, non-unified brands can fall apart because of lack of brand unity.

If we are to manage our brands effectively it must be grasped consciously - our task is to capture an inner meaning shining through the exteriority of the brand and construct a visual metaphor to convey this insight in a way that is instantly digestible and memorable to the consumer.

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