Twinings Cold In’Fuse shakes up category

Water is changing. We have been working with Twinings to launch landmark piece of innovation, Cold In’Fuse.

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Twinings In'Fuse orange packWe are proud to announce that we have been working with Twinings to launch new standout innovation Cold In’Fuse, their first ever cold water infusions designed to infuse flavour into cold water rather than hot. The exciting, new range which launched over the summer is being supported by a nationwide out-of-home campaign designed by us.

Consumers are looking for drinks that provide healthy hydration, capitalising on these rising health trends Twinings took the opportunity to create an entirely new category with the first-to-market NPD. Designed to simply drop, shake and enjoy, the Twinings Cold In’Fuse range is a landmark innovation for a brand traditionally associated with hot beverages. twinings infuse 6sheet twinings infuse tube After many years working together on the core tea portfolio, we were briefed by Twinings to define how the brand could successfully venture into a new category of cold water infusions. The unique concept meant that challenging perceptions of the brand and educating consumers about the new proposition was key in both aspects of the project. Bold, simple and confident, Twinings Cold In’fuse brings excitement and intrigue into the hot tea aisle.

Twinings Cold In’Fuse is available in seven variants and sold in all major retailers. Twinings In'Fuse bottles and packs Twinings In'Fuse Ads Grid

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