Taking quality and taste to a new level with Belvedere

We have been working with Belvedere, to release two expressions as part of a new terroir-focused range, called Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series.

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Belvedere Single Estates Lifestyle side by sideWe have been working with long-term brand partner and LVMH-owned vodka brand, Belvedere, to release two expressions as part of a new terroir-focused range, called Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series.

Vodka is often assumed to be a neutral, flavourless spirit. The Single Estate Rye Series, Smogóry Forest and Lake Bartężek, are named after the villages in Poland where they are produced and crafted to capture the distinctive essence of their respective terroirs. A vodka’s flavour comes from its base ingredient and Belvedere only uses the highest quality Diamond Dankowski Rye in their vodkas. Belvedere’s aim is to increase awareness among consumers that a vodka’s origin – much like that of wine – can affect its taste. Belvedere Single Estate Bottle side by Side We created a new innovative bottle shape that is evocative of the distinctive vodka contained within. For the first time in Belvedere’s history the bottle moves away from their signature shape. The distinctive bottle starts out with a diamond shaped base –representing the Diamond Dankowskie Rye – that gradually transitions to the round distinctive shoulders of Belvedere, while a shorter neck borrows cues from high-end dark spirits.

The ombre bottles, one a smoky grey and one a deep blue, represent the different regions in Poland; Smogóry Forest is bold and savoury, like the thick hardwood forests dominating its terroir, contrasting with the delicate floral notes of Lake Bartężek and its placid, smooth waters. As the vodka is drank new facets of the bottle are revealed much like the complex flavours that unfold on the palate.
Belvedere smogory forest bottle shot Belvedere vodka is of the highest quality and their packaging has always reflected that. The Single Estate Rye Series takes quality and taste to a new level and that is what we needed to represent in the new packaging. It took a lot of time to craft and accomplish, but the end result – much like Belvedere vodka – was worth the effort.

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