Crafting a new identity with Swannay Brewery

BrandOpus has partnered with independent Scottish brewery, Swannay (formerly Highland Brewing Co) to create a new identity

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BrandOpus has partnered with independent Scottish brewery, Swannay (formerly Highland Brewing Co) to create a new identity befitting of their new name.

swannay family lineup

Swannay Brewery is the archetypal artisan success story, producing high quality crafted beers that receive international acclaim beyond their home shores on the Orkney Isles. The brewery is based on the main island’s exposed north-westerly tip, an area known as Swannay and is run by a father and son team with the father, Rob responsible for their traditional range of beers and the son, Lewis, launching a new range of products with a more contemporary feel and flavour.

BrandOpus has drawn on cues from the locality by introducing a unique suite of illustrations depicting scenes from life beside the wilds of the North Atlantic Ocean. The design has been introduced across Swannay’s traditional beers range incorporating bottle and pump-clip executions.

The new craft product range, being led by Lewis, has a more modern look and feel to it. Taking the same distinctive label shape from Rob’s traditional range and turning it and the identity on its head signifies these are a new exciting proposition, but still with the Swannay reassurance of expertise and craftsmanship. The brewery’s relationship with the sea is further expressed by the use of bold nautical flags on black backgrounds to create category standout. With each beer taking a different letter of the nautical alphabet, helping to identify the different beers within the portfolio.

“The father & son team at the heart of the business, which combines expertise with curiosity, was a great inspiration for us when developing their identity.” says Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Director, BrandOpus. “The story behind how Rob set up the brewery - breathing new life into an old farm and resourcefully building from what was at hand - was also an area we drew from. The identity ties together both of these ideas, incorporating elements such as the arch from the brewery and the marque itself working as both an “S” and “B” depending on its orientation reflecting the traditional vs craft ranges.”

“The new identity is genuine and gets to the roots of what we're about at the brewery.” Lewis Hill, Managing Partner of Swannay Brewery commented. “BrandOpus helped us dig under the surface and delivered on the brief of evolution not revolution. Our brand is completely updated yet still recognisable so no goodwill has been lost. One week after launch all feedback is more than positive and we're now on course to boost sales and invaluable brand loyalty for our world class Orkney beers.”

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