Brightening up Silver Spoon

BrandOpus discusses the new Silver Spoon identity.

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Silver Spoon launches a new identity and pack design created by brand design specialist BrandOpus.

Traditionally positioned as a commodity, the sugar category has been under increasing pressure to create stronger brand engagement due in part to changing consumer views around sugar, and the growing focus on innovative range extensions.

BrandOpus was tasked to bring a brighter perspective to Silver Spoon that would soften the more formal undertones of the brand whilst creating something unique that would better engage with the consumer. They achieved this by bringing the brand to life through a more light-hearted view, elevating Silver Spoon out of the purely functional commodity space into a realm where real emotional connections are fostered with consumers.

Silver Spoon

Drawing on the influence of British wit, BrandOpus reframed Silver Spoon’s most recognisable asset; the spoon, by transforming it from a utility into a reflection of the brand’s sense of joyfulness. It now serves the dual role of appearing as both a spark of inspiration and also a quirky, expressive face to reflect the notion of Silver Spoon’s ability to inspire and be enjoyed.

“With this new identity, Silver Spoon feels less commoditised as a brand.” says Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Director, BrandOpus “The identity, and pack designs are full of witty little quirks to make consumers smile when they are discovered. The brand is no longer about function, but about making everyday brighter.”

Silver Spoon

“Over the years, The Silver Spoon Company has built trust and credibility with our British grown heritage and, consequently, our sugars have become a staple in many homes and professional kitchens across the country.” Says Chris Craig, Commercial Director, Silver Spoon. “To really ensure that our products continue to connect and evolve with our consumers, BrandOpus have worked with us to inject a new ‘everyday brightness’ and charismatic personality into our packaging. Our new artwork now not only has prominent shelf presence; it inspires users and enables the brand to address a challenge of sharing expertise on usage and application’”

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