Rowse Wonder Bees to the Rescue

Meet the Wonder Bees, an exciting, new range of kids honey created for long-term client Rowse.

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Rowse Wonder Bees to the Rescue Despite breakfast being the biggest occasion for honey consumption, it actually features in less than 2% of children’s breakfasts. However, this is rapidly changing, driven by the growing consumer need for a natural and healthy start to the day. Rowse saw an opportunity to create a fun range of honey that kids would love and parents would feel good about serving.

Rowse took the opportunity to innovate with a honey that is naturally mild in taste and fortified with Vitamin C, a first in the breakfast category.

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Our task became how to get kids excited about eating honey, as the product typically lacks kid appeal. We needed to create a playful and engaging eating experience and wanted to celebrate the wonder of bees and honey. The new design champions are the honey bees - the hardworking heroes that play an integral role in maintaining our planet’s ecosystem. Two superhero Wonder Bees; Lizzy the Queen Bee and Whizzy the Worker Bee, make up the range and educate children on the different roles that bees play in the hive and the importance of pollination.

Rowse Wonder Bees brings the natural wonder of honey to life and the playful, friendly characters create interesting and engaging breakfast-times for the whole family.

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