Live a life full of flavour with Pipers

We have been working with long-term client partner Pipers to launch a new range of vegetable-based snacking alternatives as part of a strategic brand revamp.

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Pipers Identity GreenBuilding on a successful partnership, that has seen significant growth for Pipers as the ultimate premium crisp brand, BrandOpus created a new brand strategy that enabled Pipers to move into snacking and launch the exciting NPD Crispeas. Distinctly Pipers, we strengthened the masterbrand to celebrate the bold and vibrant personality, giving Pipers the freedom to expand their offering beyond crisps.

Grid of Pipers Crips Packs The new range reflects the flavourful and unique ingredients of Crispeas as a lighter option, whilst staying true to the new iconic Pipers design.

Nir Wegrzyn, Chief Executive Officer, at BrandOpus says, “Pipers has a very strong brand but was so rooted in the crisps category that we needed to develop an approach to allow them to innovate and continue to grow. Pipers don’t do anything by half measures, their flavours and ambitions continuously push boundaries and they now have a masterbrand worthy of their aspirations.” Pipers Crispeas NPD

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