Creating a warm feeling with Kingsmill's identity

Our new brand identity and pack design for the UK’s leading bread brand

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As competition continues to increase within the category, Kingsmill is the UK’s fastest growing major bread brand, however the brand still needed to define a clearer proposition in order to help differentiate it from the competition and achieve greater stand out on shelf.

BrandOpus was briefed to bring a sense of warmth and simplicity to the brand. A shift in colour palette sees the introduction of a textural ‘toasty’ warm yellow background whilst the hand-drawn logotype retains the Kingsmill royal blue. The tonality of the new identity shifts the brand from the perception of mass-manufacturer to reflect the people behind the scenes who are passionate about the simple pleasures of bakery.

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“We are extremely proud to have been tasked with the creation and realisation of such an exciting and fresh direction for a brand as famous as Kingsmill.” Said Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Director, BrandOpus. “We are excited to see the impact and presence of the new design on shelf when the full portfolio is rolled out with its distinctive masterbrand livery.”

“There’s great opportunity within the bread category for a brand to really create some differentiation” said Janene Warsap, Marketing Director, Allied Bakeries. “BrandOpus has expertly captured and translated what Kingsmill’s core values are through our new identity, and helped to make us a real destination brand. We are excited to see how the consumers react to the new look as it rolls out this Autumn.”

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