HUZZAH! A new non-alcoholic, probiotic seltzer

Shaking up the seltzer shelf

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BrandOpus have launched the bold, new creative for our latest project: HUZZAH™ Probiotic Seltzer, the first non-alcoholic innovation from Molson Coors Beverage Company.

Huzzah brand 1

Launching this September with the support of L.A. Libations, a next-generation beverage incubator, HUZZAH™ is a pumped-up, full-flavored seltzer with added probiotics to help support a healthy gut.

Huzzah brand 2

“Now, more than ever, consumers want something flavorful that doesn’t compromise on health benefits,” said said Lane Goggin, Molson Coors portfolio manager of non-alcoholic beverages. “That’s exactly what we did with HUZZAH™ -- we built a probiotic seltzer with feel-good energy and compelling functional benefits, hoping to leverage the fast growth happening in sparking water and seltzers. The name itself sparks excitement in the category and we’re eager to get it on the shelf.”

Huzzah brand 3

To help debut the brand in its pilot market of Southern California, BrandOpus worked closely with both Molson Coors and L.A. Libations to develop the product’s name, identity and brand world, including website and e-commerce.

“We were inspired by little wins and positive moments in life when you’re just nailing it,” comments John Ramskill, executive creative director at BrandOpus. “With a bold, graphic style and energetic tone of voice, HUZZAH™ has the ability to make the consumer look and drink twice and make waves in a sea of seltzer sameness.”

Huzzah brand 4

With the goal of targeting consumers that live life out loud, HUZZAH™ is energetic and enthusiastic in its branding – from its celebratory name to its bright, neon color palette. The bold-brushstroke exclamation point symbol front and center and the blend of straightforward graphics and photography creates a brand world that aims to break through in the seltzer aisle.

Huzzah brand 5

The visual, brand world of HUZZAH™ is a vibrant one that uses pops of colors on a crisp, white canvas to not only engage consumers and reflect the product’s cool, Southern California origins.

“It was important that HUZZAH™ brought the energy and dynamism into consumers’ lives in a premium way, with a punch of color breaking out of the simple white canvas,” said Ramskill.

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