Creating a smoother, smarter ocean with Inchcape

We are excited to share our brand strategy, positioning and visual identity for Inchcape, the world’s leading shipping agent.

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Inchcape Identity- Static

We helped transform Inchcape, 170-year-old shipping services provider, into a confident & technologically driven global shipping network.

The shipping industry is the lifeblood of the global economy, responsible for a staggering 90% of world trade. Since 1847, Inchcape Shipping Services–one of the world’s largest shipping agents–has played a vital role in connecting the world and enabling trade. Whilst technology has transformed industries globally, for centuries the business of port call management has remained traditional and relatively unchanged, reliant upon local knowledge and expertise. They had a vision to become a technologically driven global business but needed a way to structure and present their offer in a compelling way to their varied audiences to strengthen their vast global network.

Inchcape Before/After

To make those kinds of waves we needed to disrupt the highly fragmented shipping market and create a visual brand identity and world that would significantly redefine perceptions. We worked closely with Inchcape to establish an emotive brand strategy and narrative that could address these challenges – focusing on the confidence and freedom that Inchcape gives its customers & clients through its seamless business model.

The brands new identity is an Arctic Tern, capturing both the brand’s heritage and connectivity. This agile seabird not only effortlessly navigates the globe on the longest migratory route of any animal, but also counts Inchcape Rock, eleven miles off the east coast of Scotland, as an important habitat.

Inchcape Rock With Logo

Understanding the scale and complexity of Inchcape’s business was how we were able to reflect their new proposition and reinforce their expertise in a way that opened the door to new possibilities. The new structure, alongside a cohesive and dynamic brand world, has enabled Inchcape to disrupt the market, redefine perceptions and instil positivity & confidence in their global sales force.

Frank Olsen, CEO of Inchcape, says “Inchcape is at the forefront of change. We’re building a more connected ocean, in which our customers can trade successfully and make better decisions, in every port, everywhere. BrandOpus worked their magic - our new offer reflects both our ambitions and capabilities allowing us to push forward to create a smoother, smarter, ocean.” Inchcape Collateral

Inchcape brand film stills

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