Stepping out of the Cathedral and into the City

BrandOpus creates a new identity for UK's biggest cheese brand

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We have helped Cathedral City launches its new identity and pack design.

The highest grossing cheese brand in the UK, Cathedral City is one of the most prominent brands within the category. However, as a result of impressive growth and considerable range extensions in recent times, the brand was beginning to appear fragmented across its portfolio. BrandOpus was tasked to elevate the brand identity and pack design to be more befitting of a brand with the size and stature of Cathedral City.

Through prioritisation of the brand’s equities, we simplified and strengthened the brand symbolism, which makes it more easily identifiable and connects more meaningfully with the consumer. The new pack design allows for consistency across ranges, and creates a flexible platform for future innovation and growth.

Cathedral City

“Cathedral City’s identity needed to reflect its best in class position within the category.” said Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Director. “We are proud to have worked with Cathedral City to help them achieve their ambitions with the brand identity. They now look like a category leader as well as perform like one.”

“We’re delighted with the new identity for Cathedral City” said Will Hemmings, Head of Marketing, Cathedral City. “The brand has come so far in the past few years, and with further plans in the pipeline in terms of NPD and new campaigns, it's great that we now have a strong identity robust enough to support our future development.”

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