Cannes Lions: rewriting the process

Marketing Week speaks to BrandOpus and Dr. Dror to find out what key trends will be taking centre stage this year.

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cannes lions

Marketing Week speaks to BrandOpus & Dr Dror to find out what key trends will be taking centre stage this year:

Cognitive neuroscientist doctor Itiel Dror, who works at University College London, will be outlining how brands can translate theoretical understanding to affect human behaviour in reality in a session called ‘Nailing jelly to a tree and other wild goose chases’, being hosted by agency BrandOpus.

He says there are three key rules marketers must adhere to if they are going to have a lasting impact on consumers because the brain has limited resources and ignores most of what it sees and hears.

“Marketers first need to make sure that the human brain pays attention to what they are showing it,” he advises. “They then need to make sure they are getting to the right part of the brain because it has many different processing modules, so if they don’t get to the part that governs behaviour they’ll be wasting their time. Lastly, once you get into the relevant area of the brain you need to perform marketing in a way that is brain-friendly.”

This means brands need to move away from rational messaging, he suggests, as it will not affect actual behaviour.

Taken from an article originally published on Marketing Week

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