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Cracker Barrel Cheese has always been about award-winning craft and quality. Beyond just purveying an exceptional product, we built on the Cracker Barrel brand’s success by creating a discerning choice to make every day a bit more special.

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Cheese is never just cheese, and a moment with cheese is one of life’s simple pleasures—whether with a glass of wine or entertaining with friends. In order to reestablish Cracker Barrel Cheese as a premium offering within the category and drive emotional resonance, we needed to remind people of the pleasure of indulging in cheese. The brand’s new look and feel actively moves away from generic dairy cues to drive impact on shelf.

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At the heart of the new visual identity lies the Cracker Barrel monogrammed seal and new bespoke serif font, increasing the sense of luxury and giving a stamp of a heightened experience. A ribbon has also been introduced to create the feeling of a gift. The ribbon comes alive off-pack, helping to frame the occasion itself, enriching the pack and eliciting a sense of surprise. The redesign evokes an aspirational eating experience, with distinct and memorable packaging.

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Importantly for Cracker Barrel, the redesign harmonizes the portfolio, updating a fragmented shelf presentation which previously featured designs dominated by disparate individual flavor color cues, and replacing this with a beautiful and unified contemporary black-forward look that both stands out and is coherent. Cracker Barrel now reflects a world in which people can enjoy and savor life’s little moments of indulgence.

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Nir Wegrzyn, CEO at BrandOpus, says, “Transforming from practical to emotional, it was important that we helped Cracker Barrel communicate that it was not only a deliciously rich and bold cheese, but a brand that can help to elevate the everyday. We built on their heritage, introducing visual codes that elaborate the brand narrative and act as an invitation to consumers to unwrap the luxurious product within.”

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Kim Dunphy, Creative Director at BrandOpus, says, “We are extremely proud to have created the new brand identity for such a famous household brand. By reimagining the brand’s visual equities through the seal and ribbon devices, we have achieved a shift in the premium perception of the brand and unified its presence across the entire portfolio.”

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“Together with BrandOpus we have not only contemporized our packaging, but successfully brought new meaning and ownable equities to the brand,” said Ken Padgett, Director of Brand Building for Cracker Barrel Cheese at Kraft Heinz. “This will enable us to break through and maintain relevance in today’s everyday-premium cheese category. We couldn’t be more excited to see our new packaging on shelves.”

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