BrandOpus takes to the main stage at Cannes 2017

Following a few action-packed days in the South of France for our annual pilgrimage to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity we reflect on our time and the interesting trends to come out of this year’s festival.

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Nir at Cannes

For the fourth year, Nir was invited to take the stage as a keynote speaker at the festival. This year he was joined by renowned behavioural economist Prof. Dan Ariely. The pair took to the stage on Wednesday to a packed auditorium of delegates from all over the world. Dan and Nir endeavoured to help the audience understand the irrational way that people make decision. By demonstrating the hidden meaning behind small details they revealed some of the irrational biases that influence everyday decision making.

Neuroscience and behavioural science although always front and centre to the way we do business at BrandOpus were hot topics at this year’s festival. Sessions from Fitch “What are memories made of? Stirring Emotions and Lasting impressions” talked about how brands can make a lasting impression and remain unforgettable. In an inspiring session from The Lab of Misfits, Beau Lotto, on how ‘Data is Meaningless! The Neuroscience of Why’ told us about the perceptions that guide everything we do and the choices we make. It was great to be surrounded by others who understand the issues facing the industry and are also working hard to help marketers understand those biases and overcome them.

Cannes Lions is a hotbed for inspiration, innovation and emerging tech and it can be hard to know where to start to get the most out of the festival. It sees 40,000 of the best and the brightest minds in our industry gather to learn, network and debate. For us, being there only a short amount of time we made sure to attend the sessions that had the potential to inspire and challenge our ways of thinking.

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