BrandOpus heads to Cannes for the 6th Year

Partnering with world renowned Cognitive Neuroscientist, Dr Itiel Dror, BrandOpus CEO Nir Wegrzyn delivered another insightful talk at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity

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Last month for the 6th Year, BrandOpus headed to the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Alongside a number of creative industry leaders, our CEO Nir Wegrzyn spoke together with Cognitive Neuroscientist Dr Itiel Dror, to discuss The Great Paradox of Branding.


Examining why marketing activities are going in one ear and out the other, the pair looked to address and break through the cognition barriers, hoping to affect long term decision making and growth.


The talk expanded on why marketers need to rethink what they know about cognitive neuroscience and its application in building effective brands. There are a host of fundamental conflicting tensions and paradoxes, which cognitive neuroscience can help with, including; rationality vs emotions, data vs instinct, cognitive penetration vs memorability. Whilst experts disagree on the basics; agencies offer competing strategy models and creativity is misunderstood by being subjected to literal scientific examination and explicit dissection.


The cutting edge and advanced talk explored a new approach that exposes and deals with the key paradox, and considered how this enables a radical creative approach, developing ideas that drive commercial success and long-term growth.


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