Bringing Far East Asia to you with Blue Dragon

We have unveiled a bold, vibrant new visual brand identity and pack design for Blue Dragon

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LONDON, UK (February, 2017) – Blue Dragon has unveiled a bold, vibrant new brand and packaging range, created by strategic brand design agency BrandOpus.

Founded in the 1970s, Blue Dragon were pioneers in introducing traditional Asian flavours to the UK market. In the 40 years since, appetite for Asian food has increased dramatically with people demanding new inspiring tastes and desiring deeper more authentic experiences. Blue Dragon has moved to close the gap between out-of-home dining experiences and the home, by bringing that same authenticity and experience to consumer’s kitchens.

The new Blue Dragon identity brings the excitement of modern Asia direct to your kitchen by allowing consumers to embark on a journey of discovery and experience the food cultures of real, contemporary Asia. Blue Dragon’s passion and vibrant nature lets people to be inspired and savour their cooking moments.

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Through their curiosity, new discoveries and ceaseless exploration Blue Dragon brings people closer to the cultures, sights and sounds that make up modern Asia. From condiments to stir fries Blue Dragon’s range encourages consumers to create expressive Asian creations. Whether it’s fast and flavoursome meals or a tasty home-cooked meal, Blue Dragon brings the heart and soul of Far East Asia to your kitchen.

“Discovering Asia is an experience in which few get to partake, yet the flavours and experiences are craved the world over.” says Nir Wegrzyn, CEO, BrandOpus. “The Blue Dragon redesign conjures that energetic, exhilarating culture and brings people closer to modern Asia.”

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Paul Watmore, Marketing Director, AB World Foods comments, “Blue Dragon’s new design evokes the vibrancy of modern Asia and strengthens the brands position as the no.1 Ambient Oriental brand. We want our packs to reflect the bold and exciting flavours that our products deliver and inspire consumers to explore the best of Asian flavour from their kitchens.”

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