Adaptable new identity for AG Asia

We have been working with AG Asia to help them create a new identity that will not only reassure clients and confirm their credibility but will allow them to stand out from the crowd.

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We are thrilled to announce that we have been working with AG Asia to create an exciting new brand identity. AG Asia manage assets in London and Europe for ultra-high net worth clientele.

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Curating portfolios adapted to suit individual aspirations, AG Asia came to us in need of an identity that would reflect their own ambitions. Being agile, adaptable and flexible, they wanted their brand identity to reflect their core values. An identity that would not only reassure clients and confirm their credibility but differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

aga sga bra landscape identity

In order to drive impact, we decided to build meaning into the existing name, AG Asia. To achieve this, we looked deeper and decided to take literal inspiration from the name itself, noting that AG is the scientific symbol for silver. Rich in resources and inspired by the movement and fluidity of liquid silver we created bespoke beautiful and bold moving marbled patterns in house, that are being used across the brand world, including the website, stationery and collateral. The beautiful patterns symbolise not only liquid silver, but the fluidity of AG Asia and helps to reflect their adaptability and bespoke approach to personal service.

The new identity for AG Asia now commands attention within the black and white world of asset management.

ag asia v2

John Ramskill, Executive Creative Director, BrandOpus says “During the early stages of the project we came across an interesting story about a Bolivian man whose campfire brought up liquid silver from the earth revealing the world’s richest silver deposit hidden beneath. Using this story as inspiration, we crafted the identity and supporting motion imagery to symbolise a mountain with rivers of silver running down its face, reflecting the agility within AG Asia. Their versatility and adaptability are further symbolised by the fluid- art videos which demonstrate AG Asia’s unique approach within a crowded category.”

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